Research and Development, Design and Art Direction
R&D: Art Director duo in collaboration since 2002. Works in close collaboration with Artists, Curators, Critics, Collectors, Directors, Museums and Cultural Institutions.

Book design and photographic art direction for Franz Schmidt Weaving Fabrics for Suits, developed within the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme at the department of Art and Craft at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts.
The catalogue is published as part of both the exhibition with the same title at Oslo Kunstforening March 13 – April 19, 2015, and the reflection, written on the development of the project.

Photo by Fin Serck-Hanssen and Franz Petter Schmidt, texts by Jennifer Allen and Theodor Barth.
ISBN 978-82-303-2864-4
March 2015
'A Different Kind of Order' promotional giveaway for NakNak, a Taiwanese furniture company that aim to 'bring organization to life'.
February 2015
Website and archive for the Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren.
Januari 2015
Book design for the anthology Architecture and Modernity published by KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm. Editors Helena Mattsson, Frida Rosenberg and Erik Figge.
ISBN: 978-91-7595-266-6

November 2014
New logotype for Oslo Kunstforening (Oslo Fine Art Society). For the rebranding of this 180 years old institution we shortened the previous, and long used, abbreviation OKF to the more accurate and direct OK.
Photo: Taiwo Aiyedogbon
September 2014
New logotype for Oslo Kunstforening (Oslo Fine Art Society). For the rebranding of this 180 years old institution we shortened the previous, and long used, abbreviation OKF to the more accurate and direct OK.
September 2014
Book for artist Sirous Namazi’s work Twelve Thirty, a spatial case study of Namazi’s childhood home before its plundering on 15th of November 1979 as a result of the persecution of members of Bahai faith in Shiraz, Iran, shortly before the fall of the Shah. Texts by Göran Dahlberg, Stefan Lindberg, Maliheh Namazi and Gertrud Sandqvist.

Edited by R&D and Sirous Namazi.
ISBN: 978-91-637-6371-7
Flip through book here.
August 2014
As we know it, time began with the Big Bang. Counting the years, this is the 13,810,000,000th year of the universe. This daily planner includes a timeline in which the entire lifetime of the universe is compressed into a single calendar year. One year represents 13,8 billion years, each month is a little over 1 billion years, each day nearly 38 million years. January 1st begins with the Big Bang; all of our human history occurs in the last few seconds before midnight on December 31st.

Designed by R&D and published by Imprimerie du Marais, Paris.

For sale at Centre Pompidou, Colette, Le Bon Marché, Louvre, Palais de Tokyo, Yvon Lambert among others. Flip through book here.
July 2014

Graphic identity for The Swedish Centre of Architecture and Design, Ark Des. Competition.
In short we wanted to break the hierarchy between Architecture and Design by making a reversible logotype, like a playing card. Our proposal was made as a basic framework for other designers and creatives to fill, with many different expressions, styles and attitudes.
Proposal made together with Erik Olovsson, Kyuhyung Cho, Sara Teleman, Johan Reimers and Michael Laning.
June 2014

Identity and website for Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Norway.
June 2014
For the travelling exhibition Ralph Erskine i Norr, by Norrbottens museum, we developed a headline font based on a interpretation of the architect Ralph Erskine's distinctive hand lettering.
May 2014
Furniture catalogue for One Nordic Furniture Company. April 2014
Identity for the architects Ylva K Rosvall and Joanna Zawieja’s cross-border practise between architecture/art/design. April 2014
Identity and logo for BAUX, a producer of functional construction materials that try to meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders.
October 2013
From August 2013 to August 2014 we were celebrating our 11th year of working together!
Identity for the collaboration between artist / designer Katarina Wiklund and artist / architect Susanna Wiklund.
July 2013
Design of the book Naturum, published by Arkitektur förlag, commissioned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Photos by Åke E:son Lindman. Texts by Claes Caldenby, Mark Isitt and Tomas Lauri.
ISBN: 978-91-86050-80-1. June 2013
Exhibition catalogue for The Nordic Model® at Malmö Konstmuseum. Texts by Kim Einarsson, Stine Hebert, Cecilia Widenheim. May 2013
Design of the travelling exhibition Livsbild where twenty people with various disabilities speak about their daily lives. The multifunctional exhibition is accessible to everyone regardless of their disability. The stories appears in various formats including text, voice, sign language, braille and elementary Swedish. Produced by Diana Chafik at Nordiska Museet.
May 2013
Modular exhibition system for Konstmuseet i Norr / Art Gallery in the North, Kiruna. Steel tubing, plastic canvas, tension straps.
January 2013
Identity for Konstmuseet i Norr
/ Art Gallery in the North, Kiruna.
January 2013
Identity for Konstmuseet i Norr
/ Art Gallery in the North. Kiruna
September 2012
Website for ceramist Kjell Rylander. June 2013
Identity for Art Mood, a joint venture between the nine contemporary art galleries Peter Bergman, Nordenhake, Stene Projects, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Lars Bohman Gallery, Anna Thulin, Galleri Flach, Galleri Kleerup and Björkholmen Gallery. Januari 2013
Identity for Konstmuseet i Norr
/ Art Gallery in the North. Kiruna
September 2012
7-inch slipcase for the singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko. September 2012
Deluxe slipcase album book for the singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko. September 2012
Website for the artist Sirous Namazi. August 2012
Monogram for the singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko.
July 2012
Running catalogue series for Stene Projects. John Franzén booklet for VOLTA NY. Essay by Magnus Bons. May 2012. Flip through book here
Catalogue for ceramist Kjell Rylander. Published by Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Gustavsbergs Konsthall. April 2012. Flip through book here
Website for choreographer Anna Källblad. March 2012
Uglycute collected works. Published by Revolver on the occasion of the Uglycute exhibition at Marabouparken. Essays by Sara Kristoffersson, Helena Mattsson and Helena Selder. February 2012. Flip through book here
Identity for the Uglycute retrospective at Marabouparken, Stockholm. February 2012
Mural in collaboration with illustrator Danny Jian at Bromma Airport Hotel. December 2011
Identity for Common Office architects. September 2011
Identity for Common Office architects. September 2011
Grayscale Kelim carpet for Bromma Airport Hotel. September 2011
Identity shape-up for Konsthandeln
Art Dealers. November 2011
Identity, printed matter and custom made carpet design for Bistro 46 at Bromma Airport Hotel. Spring 2011
Room signs at Bromma Airport Hotel w. Common Office Architects. First implementation of Sigurd Lewerentz Regular, see former post. Spring 2011
R&D have elaborated a new interpretation of the Swedish architect Sigurd Lewerentz typeface used on the legendary posters for the 1930 World's Fair in Stockholm. Digitized by Fredrik Andersson. Beta version. Spring 2011
Identity, website and database for Plymouth based Curatorial Agency Kurator. Visit them on
March 2011
Running catalogue series for Stene Projects. Fredrik Hofwander booklet for VOLTA NY. Essay by Mats Kempe. February 2011. Flip through book here
Website and e-news for Konsthandeln Art Dealers, visit them at February 2011
Running catalogue series for Lunds konsthall produktion. Curated by
Åsa Nacking. 2009–2010

Identity for Swedish architectural office Architecture is Made. June 2010
An alternative guide to the site, the building and the art of the National
museum in Stockholm. Elaborates on the genius loci of the museum, inviting visitors to experience the museum through the eyes of a few carefully selected personalities.

Idea, editorial and design by R&D.
April 2010
Booklet on the occation of the Flávia Müller Medeiros, Haruhi Hayashi and Beltran Obregon exhibition at R&D studio. Essay by Eugenia Bell, design editor Frieze Magazine. Printed on the R&D Risograph press during the opening. Bound by the visitors.
April 2010
Three architects; Hiller, Hermansson and Lundberg equals A as in Architecture. Identity proposal,
June 2010
Running catalogue series for Stene Projects. Per Wizén booklet for VOLTA NY. Essay by Pontus Kyander. March 2010. Flip through book here
Identity for Stene Projects. The gallery consists of two separate exhibition rooms connected through a courtyard. Alluding to the site, the logo is a graphical representation of two signals joint together, commonly known as a Lissajous curve. March 2010
Website and e-news for Stene Projects gallery Stockholm. Visit them at March 2010

Reader and signage system for the
exhibition Stop Making Sense at Oslo Fine Art Society. Curated by Marianne Hultman. March 2010
Identity proposal for the Nordic Artists Center in Dale, Norway. November 2009
Business card for artist Bella Rune on the occasion of her Tokyo residence stay. October 2009
Running catalogue series for the Edstrand Foundation grants.
Identity for Favoured Nations, Momentum 5th Nordic Biennal of Contemporary Art. Moss, Norway. Curated by Stina Högkvist and Lina Džuverovic. August 2009. Flip through book here
Hardcover with selected drawings by artist Fredrik Hofwander. Cover photo of the artists hand in 1:1. Text by Annika Gunnarsson. April 2009. Flip through book here
Custom made newsletter and poster system ranging from 2 to 32 pages. Punched for archiving. February 2009
Running catalogue series for the Edstrand Foundation grants.

Markus Degerman monograph ‘Works that are made of what they appear to be made of’ was released on the occation of the exhibition ‘No matter how hard you work to bring things up, there is someone out there working just as hard, to bring them down’ at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.
July 2008. Flip through book here
Packaging for Jonas Nobel’s multiple 'Puzzle' by, February 2008.
Hardcover with selected photos by artist Jenny Källman. Epilogue by writer Andrzej Tischy. Back page serves as second front page for the epilogue. January 2008. Flip through book here
Artists book made for the Turner prize winner Susan Philipsz sound installation at Jarla Partilager in Stockholm. Served as a manual mediating the piece. The only physical part of the exhibition. December 2007. Flip through book here
Invitation made for the occassion of Winter Solstice, a exhibition and party by artist Olafur Eliasson. The puzzle game revealed one of the pieces included in the show. December 2007
Promotional giveaway for Umbro by Kim Jones. The quote ‘I am Pepper Labeija the legendary mother of the house of Labeija’ is taken from one of Kim Jones major influences, the 1990 documentary Paris is Burning. A hint to his devoted fans. December 2007
Magazine design and editorial work for the graphic design periodical CAP&Design. Due to the Helvetica typeface 50th anniversary the issue elaborates on its many uses, outlining the advantages and disadvantages. Feat. Wim Crouwel, Experimental Jetset, Laurenz Brunner, Emily King, Peter Bilak among others. October 2007
Running catalogue series for the Edstrand Foundation grants.
Biennal catalogue for Rethinking Dissent, Gothenburg 4th International Biennial for Contemporary Art.
A lookbook for images and a textbook for essays. Curated by Edi Muka and Joa Ljungberg. August 2007. Flip through Lookbook here Flip through Textbook here
Hardcover with a selection of works by artist Jonas Nobel. The book is treatened as the works described in it. Title, material and dimentions mentioned on front cover. Objects and titles are treated equally at the spreads as they are of equal importance in Nobels work. August 2007
Identity for Moderna Samlare, art collector agency. December 2006
Poster, catalogue and wayfinder. An all in one guide to a public artwork executed on twelve different locations at the Royal Institute of Polytechnics in Stockholm by the artist Franz Ackermann. Curated by Joa Ljungberg. November 2006
Running catalogue series for the Edstrand Foundation grants.
2005–2010. Flip through book here
The publication Social Perspectives on Architecture and Design for NIFCA was printed on a complete range of coloured paper which was randomly mixed as it was fed into the press. A procedure which made every book, and every spread, unique. Feat. Martin Braathen, Markus Degerman, Cecilia Gelin, Tone Hansen, Helena Mattsson among others. September 2006
DIY catalogue for the exhibition Summercamp at Botkyrka Art Space. Since the exhibition evolved during the exhibition period, the catalogue borrowed the idea of a loose-leaf system which easily could be updated by the participants themselves. Exhibiton architecture by Uglycute. Curated by Joanna Sandell. Summer 2006
Pocket sized catalogue and wayfinder to the exhibition Happy Campers, Skylight Studios, New York. May 2006
The book 1% follows up the artist collective Love and Devotions work at the psychiatrical care at Ulleråker Hospital. Due to regulations when planning public buildings 1% of the budget is set aside for an artistic contribution. Essays by Helena Mattson and Sven-Olov Wallenstein. May 2006
Guidebook highlighting the less visible side of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. 16 untold stories. Launched at the opening of the exhibiton Notre Histoire, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud and Jérôme Sans. Written and designed by Research and Development. January 2006
Modular exhibition system for My Vision – My Choice at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, an exhibition where politicians were asked to choose their favorite design object. We took the same task and chose one of our own favorites and buildt the exhibition with it. The object was a newly manufactured PET-pallet which were returned after closing with no waste left. December 2005
Exhibition catalogue to Design: Stockholm at the City Museum of Stockholm. Anthology on the public design in Stockholm. Cover illustrations as bumpers to the content. Essays by Sara Kristoffersson, Peter Cornell, Kerstin Wickman among others. Photo by Jenny Källman. Swiss binding. October 2005.
Running catalogue series for the Edstrand Foundation grants.
2005–2010. Flip through book here
Set design for public hearing on taste at the Modern Museum in Stockholm. Seventeen participants in the panel debate, seventeen different chairs. The participants were free to choose where they wanted to sit. May 2005
Printed matter and Art Fair display for the seminar series Artistic Strategies by the Moderna Museet Stockholm. April–May 2005
Identity for Vårsalongen Formbart at Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm. A group show of design, fashion and crafts consisting 284 exhibitors and 414 objects. Catalogue, posters, advertisement and signage system. Curated by Zandra Ahl, Tom Hedkvist, Marina Kereklidou, Raine Navin, Sofie Sjöström, Maria Vinka, Niclas Östlind. January 2005

Identity and set design for Moderna by Night at Moderna Museet, Stockholm. A series of happenings taking place during closing hours. Poster with seasonal program. The museums existing lighting switched off and replaced by construction floodlights. March–November 2004
Pamphlet for the R&D exhibition Use and Misuse at Imoaraizaka 5-days Gallery, Tokyo. October 2004

Identity for Swedish Style Tokyo. Our simple proposal to the clients was: "Use a yellow dot". Keeps its clarity regardless of application and context. To be used in optional size, alone or in numbers. Based on a simple play with the flags of the two nations. (Catalogue and poster by Johan Prag.) October 2004
Front Design catalogue for Milan Furniture Fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile. April 2004
Poster for Jens Jonssons film Fragile. Feat. Anki Larsson and Allan Svensson. Two-sided print on thin paper achieves a reversed effect on lightbox signs. January 2004
Poster and flyers for Stockholm School of Entreprenurship, a joint initiative by the Royal Institute of Technology; Stockholm School of Economics; Karolinska Institute and Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. November 2003
Poster for Jens Jonssons short film The Spade. Feat. Gunilla Nyroos and Marie Göranzon. The characters underdog attitude taken to the copy and printed on ordinary packing paper. September 2003
Poster, flyer, wallpaper for Recycle! festival for recycled music, at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Silk-screened on waste proof-sheets which made every unit unique. May 2003
Poster for a concert serie organized by the Nursery at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Every new event was overprinted on the old posters. October 2002
Catalogue, poster and invitation of a solo exhibition presenting and outlining our newly formed design studio Research and Development at Edsviks Art and Culture. Designed as the first work in the exhibition. January 2003
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